Why traditional “niching” hasn’t made you known or more successful… yet.
And how to find the deep bond you share with the people who need your work and are actually ready and willing to invest in it.
If you’re anything like me and every client I’ve served, the way niching is taught has felt like putting your soul in a box.

You’re not inspired by having to twist yourself and your gifts up in a way you’ve been told is “sellable,” so you haven’t gotten the traction in your leadership you know you’re meant for.

But what if there was a different way to look at niching?

A way that starts with the soul, the deepest patterns found in your life experience, and the truth you came here to live and teach…

And that captures the attention of your ideal audience and build your lucrative and compelling brand from the inside out?

Instead of what’s “marketable that year!”

There is.

I call it your Life PhD and in this free guide Your Soul Guided Niche I’ll share how you can begin to find yours!

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